Stretch Goals and Pulse Votes

by Stasi Vladimirov Jul 16 2020

Stretch Goals

As shared in the previous article, community support is a critical part of the success or failure of this project. To help with that, we came up with an interesting idea: Stretch Goals. (Similar to projects).


We all have ideas and concepts to make it better. We read a lot of requests from the community, too. 3/4 player matches, async mode, more stats, mobile app, and many other smaller (and bigger) improvements and features. The reality is that without enough active players, none of it matters. And we want to acknowledge, recognize and propel that. Here is our plan:

TTA Pulse Stretch Goals

We will introduce 3 stretch goals aligned with reaching certain counts of active players on the platform. Active are players who have completed at least one match per month. Whenever the goal is met, we will send a survey and each player will be able to vote for the feature they like the most. Each completed game will be counted as one vote (we think that the more active players should have more influence). Shortly after the survey, we will focus our efforts on implementing the selected feature. Than we will publish new stretch goals for the next level. Stay tuned for the first three stretch goals soon after the launch.

How to help

We would like to note that this project is absolutely free, created for the Through the Ages community. We are doing this because we love the game and the community and we hope you will appreciate it. Please share it with your in-game and out-of-game friends, family, and anyone else you think might be interested.

There is more

Finally, to get this kick-started, we are planning to do something extra for the winner of the first season of Through the Ages Pulse. More on that in our next article, right after the launch!

Looking forward to match you Through the Ages!