TTA Pulse is Live! Welcome to Season I: The Age of Competition

by Stasi Vladimirov Jul 17 2020

TTA Pulse Release

We did it (checking the app...) Yes, it's true. That's what we worked for the past 2+ months, days and some nights. Now it's time to play! But before that, lets announce a few more exciting things.

First round of stretch goals

We are excited to publish our first round of stretch goals. Right after reaching 50 active players with a game completed, we will implement one of these options:

Second round of stretch goals

You thought that's it? 50? We are just getting started. How about 100 active players? Which of these goals is worthy of that community achievement?

What to do?

There will be more goals and features coming. First things first. Let's get the matchmaker pulsing and the app running. Every completed match gives you one vote for the features above. Also don't forget to share the app with everyone. Once we reach the stretch goal, we will publish the survey for your votes. For any questions, details or ideas, contact us.

Reward for the Season Winner

Playing on is free. And we all like playing. What do we like more than playing? Winning. Everyone loves winning, but only the top member of the community will be crowned as the TTA Pulse Season I: The Age of Competition champion. If that's not enough of an achievement, there is more. We like it competitive. Depending on the active player count through the whole season, the winner will receive:

What are you waiting for? Join TTA Pulse

Looking forward to match you Through the Ages!