TTA Pulse Launch Party

by Pavel Ceska (pajada) Jul 25 2020

Launch Party

Let's celebrate together!

Over 100 players have played a game on TTA Pulse, playing over 250 matches. Wow, thank you! We are as happy as Michelangelo with Basilica. To celebrate, we are hosting a memorable battle for you. Coubertin would be proud!


Saturday August 1st

Every game that starts during this period will be counted toward your results.


Play at least one game during the time period to win a Bronze badge on your TTA Pulse profile.

Each win gives you a higher-ranked badge. Show us your skill!

Live Streaming

We will also stream this event on YouTube. Join the show to learn how TTA Pulse was created, who stands behind it, and our future plans. Oh, I forgot to mention our special guest with his secret advice on how to win a duel in Super Blitz.

See you on Saturday!

Looking forward to match you Through The Ages!