100 Active Players Reached and Stretch Goals Update

by Stasi Vladimirov Jul 23 2020

First Stretch Goals

TTA Pulse just reached 100 active players, in less than a week. This is awesome! To celebrate, we released all 3 features of the first stretch goal article: country flags, custom avatars, and promotion animations. In this article, you can find information about the second stretch goal options, and what we are thinking for future stretch goals.

Survey summary

We forgot to mention this, but the survey links were active for 48 hours. Very interesting that votes were very equally spread between the 3 goals. We didn't expect that.

To show respect for all voters and players on our platform, we decided to implement all 3 of the stretch goals. Thanks again for voting and playing on TTA Pulse. We hope you enjoy these features as much as we enjoyed developing them! To get access to the new features, just open app.ttapulse.com. You might need to reload the page -- you should see "Version 0.8" at the bottom.

Release notes

We also added a few other community-requested features, as well as some bug fixes:

Thanks to everyone who reached out and reported an issue or suggestion. This helps improve the app experience for everyone.

Voting for second-round stretch goals

In the next few hours, we will send emails for voting on the second set of stretch goal features. We received reports that some found the first survey in their spam mailbox. To avoid that, please add ttapulse@gmail.com to your contact list. As a reminder, here are the second stretch goals as announced in our previous article:

Are you excited to see any of these features implemented? Look for the survey in your email, and vote for your favorite! Meanwhile, you still have a chance to increase your voting power by finding another match at https://app.ttapulse.com.

Community stretch goals

It's important to note that we are working on this project entirely for our community. We receive a lot of positive feedback and ideas about how to make TTA Pulse better. We listen and discuss internally all your feedback and suggestions. We think that there is value in having public discussions, so everyone is at the same page. That's why we are not going to set the next 200-active-players stretch goals internally. We would like to give that opportunity to you, the players. Is there something you really want to get implemented? Maybe you are looking for an app that you can install on your phone? Or automatic tournament mode? Or special achievements and stats? Here is what you can do. Publish a post, message or article in one of the popular social media platforms:

Don't forget to mention that the suggestion is related to TTA Pulse. Or post anywhere else you like to discuss your ideas. Share it with your friends and anyone else who might be interested. Ask them to vote for your ideas. We will watch for your suggestions. You can also share the link with us.

Deciding the stretch goals

When we get closer to the 200 active players stretch goals (hopefully in a week or so), we will gather all the suggestions and send the most popular ones in the next stretch goal survey for final voting. Can't wait to see all of your ideas!

In the meantime, looking forward to match you Through the Ages!