First Stretch Goal Reached Survey available

by Stasi Vladimirov Jul 20 2020

First Stretch Goals

TTA Pulse reached 50 active players! These are players who completed at least one match through our platform. With this first milestone, we add our first community-selected feature. Each completed match counts as one vote.

Other statistics

Meanwhile, we are also close to 100 registered players, and over 100 matches played, in less than 4 days. And our first Master player: LaoHuang. He demonstrates very strong performance with 10 wins out of 12 matches! We invite everyone to challenge him in becoming the Season I: The Age of Competition champion and take the cash reward.

Recap and further goals

Currently, there are about 200 seeks for a match per day (that's 8 every hour). A bit more than half of them don't find an opponent within the timeout, so they need to seek again. To make this sustainable, we need at least 25-30 seeks per hour (that's 3-4 times more, or one every several minutes). This would allow players to consistently find opponents most of the time. We are looking forward to reaching our next stretch goal at 100 active players. Thank you for doing your part, and telling your friends and opponents about TTA Pulse.

Sharing the Pulse

The past 3 days, we've been very active on sharing the news in the app and around the community. Still, most of the active players don't know about us. Some might think it's some type of scam, or an unrelated project. We will keep doing our best to reach everyone and make sure they understand that it's free to play on TTA Pulse.

Community Support

Players on the platform love it, and some even took the extra effort of posting about it. Check this awesome 3-minute video by Japhet on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe to his channel for more TTA Pulse games. DJ Parson is also playing his 2-player matches on You can follow him and subscribe to his streams at Thanks to LaoHuang for contacting everyone in the Chinese community, too -- we already see a very strong performance there.

Are you ready for a Super Blitz challenge? Hop on TTA Pulse and find a match now. Your help and support in spreading the word are greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to match you Through the Ages!